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The world of interior decoration is a beautiful world where the fantasy of design mixes up with craftsmanship, and where a creative idea develops into a magnificent painting, but as this field is definitely an elevated art that has rules and principles, the completion of the painting needs skill, expertise and a touch of creativity that can only be found with décor experts and professionals.

Starco as a pioneer in interior design – and window coverings in particular – is leading the Syrian market, which is undergoing an unprecedented openness process at all levels. Our products satisfy the different tastes of our clientele, and we have opened many showrooms inside and outside Damascus, reflecting an wise strategy to access the largest number of customers, servicing a huge share of the market and expressing deep understanding of the facts and trends.

The company stands on solid basis of experience, which dates back to the year 1994 when Starco was founded and began operating proficiently and efficiently, satisfying the local market and an enormous segment of meticulously demanding customers. Perhaps the best evidence of all this is gaining the confidence of a huge number of individual and corporate clients – hotels, restaurants, diplomatic missions, universities, VIPs to name just a few. The fine reputation gained over the years providing the market with the best quality products is another example of Starco's solid performance backed by managerial efficiency.
Our production range includes a fine selection of decoration material like curtains, bed coverings, lamps in addition to an elite variety of European luxury wallpaper. Our products that have taken us to the lights of fame include all kinds of blinds: vertical, venetian, wooden and bamboo as well as Italian accordion doors.

Welcome to the world of Starco, the world of quality, proficiency, expertise and elite. We will glad and honoured to welcome you at our showrooms or on our website: www.starco-sy.com

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