• Size and install: The price of the blinds offered by STARCO includes the measuring, installing fees and other blinds accessories.
  • STARCO Company issues warranty card for the product for one year after the installation.
  • During the warranty period, the maintenance is for free according to the Warranty Card.
  • STARCO company provides It's distributors and the merchants with the necessary samples to promote It's products and acquire customers.
  • The delivery is for free to all of the distributors in Damascus.
  • STARCO provides the customers with the best suitable Usage Instructions through It's technicians.
  • In case of the big projects, STARCO provides the engineers & contractors with the necessary price lists.
  • STARCO gives It's customers the chance to order any kind of fabrics, even if It was unavailable in It's stores or in the Syrian market, but on one condition, that this kind of fabrics is listed in the STARCO's samples.
  • In case of any defect in STARCO's products, whether this defect was caused during the fabrication process or the installation by the technicians, then STARCO Company is obliged to correct this defect.
  • 1STARCO maintenance team will be happy to serve you during the week.
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